It is cheaper or even free from your employer, club, personal coach, organizations, gym etc if they are aligned with MYMECA. If they are not aligned or do not wish to be, you can personally download it to your Android phone or tablet open Google Play and search for MYMECA or click here. The Apple version for iPhones and iPads is coming soon!

Yes, we partner with employers to provide the app to their valued staff. Use the contact form to get in touch with our consultant team to arrange an appointment to discuss what options you may be able to access for your employees or clients.

Absolutely, any data you input is only for your use. We will not allow any third party to access your information and will take all measures to make sure it is kept private and secure. View our privacy policy.

The app is part of an approach designed for the improvement and maintenance of mental and emotional well-being and security. The standard version includes full functions, tutorial videos, and upgrades.

Premium-only features include personal online coaching, seminars and exclusive offers. Available soon.

Yes, but an app more tailored to children will be available soon.

MYMECA was not directly developed from a research project. See the press release (click here) to see how and why it was created. However, we are actively involving researchers in it’s continued development and welcome any constructive feedback. The working principles found in MYMECA are strongly supported by the working principles promoted by the NZ Government ¬†Ministry of Health websites as well as numerous psychiatrists, doctors, and Mental Health Service providers. Anecdotal evidence strongly supports its effectiveness.