MYMECA is a Mental and Emotional Conditioning App that gets people “up off the floor” and gets them moving. It can be easily installed on a person’s smartphone or tablet to help them draw on fun, easy, empowering strategies to combat negative thoughts and emotions by just “a tap on a screen”.

MYMECA was created to help with suicide prevention by:

  1. Providing a simple and powerful disruption tool
  2. Get a person “up off the floor” quickly
  3. Empowering them to take further evasive action
  4. Putting them into the right frame of mind to help themselves
  5. Provide additional help to manage extreme stress, anxiety and depression.
  6. Help build an effective roadway to resilience

“It’s a powerful and inspirational collection of things that makes a person happy, empowered and inspired, by a mere ‘tap on a screen’” (Roger Broughton, MYMECA Creator)

MYMECA is extremely useful in this age of uncertainty and more especially since the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic which has forced multitudes into living “on the edge”. The danger for us all is falling off “the cliff”,  hitting the floor and not being able to get up again, ENTER MYMECA.

MYMECA is not just for the stressed, anxious and depressed. It is an influential tool to help users condition themselves mentally and emotionally so they do not become stressed out, burnt out, overly anxious or depressed in the first place. Users achieve peak performance as they apply the highly personalised and simple strategy employed in MYMECA

MYMECA is fast becoming recognised as a vital tool for the “workplace” whether that be a physical address, the sports field or somewhere else. Like an engine, our emotions  are conditioned  and this conditioning is by means of  the experiences we have throughout our lives and these emotions are mainly fuelled by our thoughts. MYMECA becomes an invaluable tool to assist with Constructive Mental & Emotional Conditioning.

MYMECA is going to be made available through the app stores, through enterprise sponsors who can provide the app at a privileged price.  Why not check to see if your employer, club, gym, coach, health care provider etc is an enterprise sponsor of MYMECA or you may wish to enquire to see how you can qualify to be a sponsor.

The founder of MYMECA recognises the need for good education to improve one’s total wellbeing. Therefore, this education is provided through 2 additional avenues.

  1. A Facebook group or tribe where every app user can join the group to receive and/or provide free training, coaching, mentoring, suggestions goods and services and more. Every app user can choose to join the tribe.
  2. An online course driven site, that app users can subscribe to for additional education to enhance all areas of one’s life. The Mastering Me site is under construction and further information will be added as the site develops

Another feature for app users is MYMECA’s Marketplace which is also under construction, Enterprises and app users can become Marketplace Vendors to provide Goods & Services to app users and others. More information will be provided as this site develops.

The mission of MYMECA is to MOBO, “Make Others Better Off” therefore MYMECA provides a Total Wellbeing solution for ALL aspects of our lives. Please visit often to get the latest updates as they unfold.